Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Biomat Ballard Plasma Donation Review

ok. for newbies, here is all you need to know about plasma donating.

#1-must have WA state ID + S.S. Card.
#2-you will have minimum wage people sticking a BIG needle in your vein, and pulling it out(fast), and dressing it.
#3-evey drug dealer within 10 miles will be hounding you to sell you weed non-stop, and will act like a bitch if you don't buy their weed with your plasma $$ (they expect you to pay them, not yourself)
#4-if you don't buy their weed, one of the needle-poker losers at Biomat, will cause your vein to collapse or bruise badly ( = no donating = no $$)
---A) There's a few ways for them to sabotage your arm:
-----1.) By putting the needle in too far or at a bad angle
-----2.) By pulling the needle out wrong and also at a bad angle, therefore ruining your vein, or arm, or both (you won't see this until you take off your bandage)

#5-As you leave the plasma place, you'll notice people (dealers) on the corners looking to see who you are, and what bus you get onto. That $60 per week is theirs, NOT yours! :-)
#6-At the public library, or around town, you'll stick out like a sore thumb for two hours (the time it takes your blood to clot, so you're told to keep the bandage on, ADVERTISING the fact that you have money).
#7-Don't dare walk around week after week wthout at least buying 1 or 2 bags of weed, or maybe a blowjob or two from your local pimp/dealer, because as stated above, no pay=no veins. ha ha ha on you!
#8-It doesn't require a high school education to be a dealer/pimp, so they're everywhere! It's only a cellphone call away to alert the next guy down the line that you're comin' into town with $20-$40 in your pocket!
#9-Nothing is ever this easy. Did you really think that you could get $60 per week for nothing? Without gang influences around waiting for you and your cashishe? ha ha ha ha ha